Monday, July 15, 2013

Elvis Presley's Car

Parkes NSW is not only home to the CSIRO Radio Telescope featured in The Dish, it is now just as famous for its annual Parkes Elvis Festival where fans from around the World come to pay homage to the star and celebrate his life and music. On the weekend we went to see what the fuss was about and were absolutely blown away by the Parkes Elvis Museum. It turns out Greg Page (AKA the yellow skivvy from The Wiggles) is a massive Elvis fan and has family in Parkes so there you have it- his incredible collection of Elvis's clothes, jewellery, personal documents, furniture and even his last ever car are all on display at 'The King's Castle' Elvis Museum in Parkes. Not to mention his and Priscilla's original marriage certificate and even his marital bed!

Below: Elvis's last ever car, a 1976 Cadillac Seville.

As an aside, this is one of two rhinestone gold lame suits which Colonel Parker commissioned for (and were worn by) Elvis in the 1950s. Even then each suit cost over US$10,000!

Below: Greg Page from The Wiggles has one of the World's finest collections of Elvis's own possessions and displays them in Parkes.

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