Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wedding Cars

Suse and I went to a wedding recently in out in the English countryside of Epping, Essex. Anyway, the highlight for me was seeing these beauties parked outside. First, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them. Then, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard they were both owned by the Groom's Father. The Groom, Steve and his Father, Richard race them in rallies.

Below: MGC Coupe. Note the lovely bonnet bubble with the chrome strip which helps the MGC stand out from all the regular MGBs.

Richard's Jaguar XK140. Note it's had the spats removed so that the easier to replace chrome knock-offs can be used for racing.


  1. Fabulous Blog I'm glad that I drop by your page and found this very interesting. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks a million! Keep visiting and feel free to share with your car-buff friends!