Thursday, March 21, 2013

Singer Porsche and more.

I was chatting to my mate Matthew Paul back in Oz the other day. I was waxing lyrical about the Scandi drama The Bridge and how he'd love the Porsche in it. Anyway he shot through this link to Singer, an outfit who specialise in the restoration and improvement of classic Porsches.

After doing some research, it seems I'm one of the few that aren't familiar with Singer so hopefully some will consider this news too!

Singer is based in Southern California which comes as no surprise to me. I couldn't believe just what an incredible obsession with classic car culture there is in sunny CA. Singer is to Porsche what Eagle is to Jaguar, if you recall from one of my many Jaguar-praising posts.

If you fancy a better than brand new E-Type, check out the Eagle version here.

Or watch Jeremy Clarkson drive it below:

Want a mind-blowing E-type update? Check out the Lionheart K here.

Similarly, check out the DBSZ reimagination of the Aston Martin here.

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