Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saga Noren, The Bridge and the Porsche 911

Tonight's post is about the unlikely star of a new crime drama 'The Bridge'.

The Bridge or "Bron/Broen" is a Danish/Swedish joint-production where both countries' police forces must join together to solve the murder of a woman halfway across the border of each country.

Saga Noren, real name Sofia Helin, is the lead character and a brilliantly thorough detective with comically poor people skills and social graces. You come to realise she has Asberger's Syndrome which goes a long way to explaining her character! But the real star of the show is her classic 911, which Saga Noren drives in every episode, fast! Susannah and I have just finished season 1 and we're champing at the bit for season 2! If you've seen The Killing (AKA Forbrydelsen) you'll like The Bridge.

I've clicked on a couple of forums and the guess is it's a 76/77 Porsche 911. I love the look without a big wing on the back. Watch the trailer for the show here:

Below: Some stills from the series including the 911 with black Fuchs wheels.


  1. The second series is now being filmed and one of the crew has taken some pictures of the car (and got to drive it!)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update Margatesands.