Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The US rental car dilemma...

Susannah and I are heading over for a driving holiday of California next week and I am furiously researching rental cars which is made all the more difficult because there's just so much choice! Naturally it has to have the Americana vibe, be a Yank-tank or a classic. There's a 'but' though, and it's a big one. Some of these cars cost a fortune to rent and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) it's the classics that cost the most. There are some relatively good value choices though, in the modern muscle car:

1959 Cadillac DeVille: From $809 per day. 

1966 Cadillac DeVille: From $489 per day.

1964 Corvette Stingray: From $489 per day.

1960s Lincoln Continental: Awaiting quote. UPDATE: This is rented by the day with a driver so that's a no for us. It would be amazing for a day-trip though! It would be like Entourage, or a parade with President Kennedy.

Then there's the option of typical Stateside Rides...

Cadillac Escalade SUV: Weekly US$2000

But how can you look past some mighty American muscle?

Ford Mustang GT Premium: $858 for Monday-Friday inclusive.

Dodge Challenger: $791 for Monday-Friday inclusive.

So, what should we rent to cruise the Pacific Highway in? On cost alone I'm leaning toward the standard Mustang convertible but it seems so, well...standard. Maybe the first week we could get a tiny hatchback and then the second week splurge on a muscle car. I think I can already rule out a classic Caddy at $US800 a day! Ouch.

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  1. My brother drove around America in a 1997 Camry. Perhaps you should check those out. Or not.

  2. I am very happy with the choice you made. I hope you love it!! Go Challenger go!! From the ex-croydonder.

  3. I would have definitely picked the jeep wrangler. It has a powerful engine and perfect for the off-road. If you are driving around, America, you have no idea what roads you will come across. It has a great exhaust system for great performance and you can be sure of no breakdowns.

  4. The Wrangler is definitely a great choice if you want to explore new lands. I chose a similar car when I went to Romania last year and even if it was very hard to find such a car to rent from Brasov I finally got it.
    The roads there are very bad in some areas so my choice proved to be the best possible:P

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