Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Majestic Mercs Down Under

We seem to be having a bit of a Mercedes day again here at Exhaust Pipe Dreams but these two motors up for sale in Australia simply must be shared. After all, both models are in my Dream Garage.

The first is a short wheelbase Grosser! A Mercedes Benz 600, favoured by dictators the World over. Yes the interior looks a bit dull but that's because the car is 100% original with only 83,000kms on the clock and a price-tag of AUD$145,000/ US$152,7000. Someone please buy it for me. I'll arrange transport- it's the least I can do. Check out the Mercedes 600 here.

Want to see a Grosser in action against a Corniche? Watch Top Gear put one through its paces.

The next vehicle is an SE because we all know I'm a little obsessed with them. But this one is being posted today because of the eye-watering price. It's on the market for AUD$588,000/ US$619,300. This looks brand new showroom condition but even my concours SE owning friend in Sydney baulked when I sent him this one! Get all the details here.

And as always there's lots more to read on Exhaust Pipe Dreams about these beautiful Mercedes SE cabriolets:


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