Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pebble Beach round-up and rant.

Yes Pebble Beach had some truly ethereal concourse cars. See the Telegraph's pictures here.

Oh wait...which of the above DOES NOT BELONG? ANYWHERE? EVER? Why would Bentley even consider taking this jalopy to Pebble Beach (unless they were going to actually submerge it)? Brace yourself for impending editorial high-horse. 

The first time I saw this monstrosity, in March this year, I wrote this. I honestly thought Bentley would go away after the gasps heard Worldwide after its unveiling and would, well...smooth it out. But it's still lots of different ideas, angles and lines all slammed onto one car. 

I cannot believe the same people who came up with this EXP 9F concept managed to create these stunning and well-balanced beauties:

Surely the sensible thing would be to use the lines and styling of the Mulsanne's front half as the template? Who's with me on this? Feel free to email at exhaustpipedreams@gmail.com

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