Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apparition in Covent Garden

I've been interested in the Rolls Royce Ghost since it was released in 2009, partly because I was slightly unsure of the whole point of the vehicle. Rolls said they were aiming younger with this but I always felt it would create a 'Boxster V. Carrera' type situation where if you could, why wouldn't you just buy the flagship model? Also, in photos the Ghost seemed quite compact, but gosh, spying it on the street last week in Covent Garden changed my mind. It's huge! It's of course smaller than the Phantom but it's still a full-sized car. I think the front grille and lights lack road presence (perhaps the Phantom has too much road presence!) and this will make it date faster but overall it's an elegant machine. To put its size in perspective for you- the SWB Ghost is longer than the LWB Mercedes S-class. Now that's a lot of car for the 'baby' of the range.

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