Monday, July 2, 2012


This is the beautiful late model XJS in British Racing Green I walked past this morning in Fitzrovia in London's West End. After all these years they are still a fantastic looking car. I think it will hold its style better than the first XK8. Please note the perfectly cleaned wheels on this baby. Just like shoes, you can tell a lot about a car's story by it's wheels.

These 80s/ early 90s beasts have a bad rep for reliability but I think many issues will have been ironed out by owners over the years. My rationale is... if they're still on the road in 2012, then they couldn't have too many of their original issues. I hope an XJS mechanic or owner will offer some insight! Here's a handsome one for sale if you're keen. At the price of £1,795 they're giving them away.

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