Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Australian Prime Minister's Bullet-proof BMW 760Li

Check out the Aussie Prime Minister's new 7 series, part of the new high-spec security fleet. At AUD$500,000 a pop, the new beemers will hunker down against AK-47s. It has a self-sealing petrol tank, special run-flat tyres, an attack alarm and an intercom system where the PM can communicate with people outside of the vehicle. Sounds like a year 12 muck-up day prank waiting to happen.

This is a bitter-sweet situation though because while the PM will now get chauffeured around in one of Europe's finest, it does spell the end of of the magnificent Holden WM Caprice V8 fleet. With the demise of the Ford Fairlane/LTD, Holden was staying strong with Australia's only home-grown limousine but who knows for how much longer.

As an aside, $500,000 seems like a lot, but a 760Li is just shy of $400K on the road in Australia anyway, so the armouring isn't an overly costly addition.

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