Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cars of Braquo TV Series

Braquo is a French TV series about cops, mobsters and the unofficial stars of the show, the incredible fleet of European Cars. These cars, almost exclusively in black, underpin the drama as they are stolen, torched, shot-at, rebirthed, shipped to or from Eastern Europe and generally driven to their full potential. If you enjoyed The Killing (Forbrydelsen), The Bridge (Bron Broen) or Spiral (Engrenages), you'll really enjoy this one. Read more about Braquo here.

Below: the principle cast. The Cops. The good guys (and sometimes bad guys).

Below: The name you'll hear over and over again: Eddy Caplan.

Here are some of the cars that make quite an impression across the three seasons. Note there were countless Peugeots, Renaults and Citroens which don't make the cut unfortunately, along with many other vehicles which don't play a larger role in the drama.

Below: Audi A4 Allroad wagon

Below: Audi Q7

Below: BMW 5-Series E34

Below: BMW 5-Series E34 with Motorsport wheels.

Below: BMW 5-Series E60

Below: one of the many BMW E38 7-Series featured.

Below: BMW X5

Below: Hummer H2 in matte black.

Below: Maserati Quattroporte

Below: Porche Cayenne GTS

Below: Porsche 911

Below: Mercedes-Benz CL500

Below: Mercedes-Benz CLS

Below: Mercedes-Benz CLS

Below: matching Land Rover Defenders

Below: Range Rover Sport

Below: a Range Rover "Classic"

Below: a Range Rover P38

Below: Some of the many Range Rover L322s

Below: A stunning Rover Rover L405 which had a run in with machine guns.

Another show I love with a great car is The Bridge. Click here to see The Bridge's Porsche 911.

Thanks to the Internet Movie Car Database for the great screen shots.

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