Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Queen Elizabeth and an ode to Land Rover

Prince Charles is famously fanatical about Astons and Bentley, William and Harry love their Audis but Queen Elizabeth II is a huge and loyal Land Rover fan. Here is a few pics to demonstrate the Royal family's devotion to the marque.

Her Majesty behind the wheel of her L322 Rangie at Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Note the dog bonnet ornament highlighting another of her passions.

Below: the Duke chilling in his Land Rover Freelander. I know, right? He can have any car in the world and he chooses Land Rover's answer to a Rav4.

Don't worry, Prince William makes up for it with the young Windsors' epic 2013 Range Rover Vogue.

Black is a tough colour to keep clean...

The Duchess of Cambridge AKA K_Middy driving around in the Rangie with Pippa 'P_Middy' Middleton.

Pippa and Carol Middleton footloose and fancy free in a Freelander.

Here's Wills and Kate in a Landrover Disco 3 or 4.

The Queen in one of her beloved Defenders.

And below: proof that the House of Windsor's love affair with the Landy is a long and loyal one. Vintage Queen with vintage Land Rover.

A middle-aged Monarch on safari with a 'Classic' 3-door Rangie in Namibia in 1970.  

The Duke modelling a classic late 80s model.

Prince Charles in other classic Rangie. At first I thought it was the same as above but has the push out front quarter window and vinyl roof.

The Queen hangin' with her peeps and a second generation Range Rover.

This looks like a custom-built landaulet version of a first generation Range Rover.

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