Monday, September 2, 2013

Queen Elizabeth II's Daimler Sells for £40,000

Not only was this the Queen's very own car that she actually drove herself, it was packed with gizmos. Here's a taste of the full article:

"It was sold by auction house Historics at Brooklands in Surrey with its original tyres and the adapted ashtray that houses the security light controls, which remain fully functioning. These include a set of blue flashing strobes occupying the front fog lamp inserts, alternate flashing headlamps and alternate flashing rear lights.

A pair of neon blue lights by the rear view mirror, which were used to identify the vehicle in which the Queen was travelling when approaching her destination, were also still in place."

I would also like to add that it has a 375bhp supercharged V8 engine. Nice one, Liz.

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