Tuesday, June 26, 2012

XK Club in The Cotswolds

Suse and I walked Charlie our Great Dane for almost 10 miles through The Cotswolds, before arriving at our evening destination- The Royal Oak in Gretton. I was a little annoyed at being misled into such an epic cross-country trek but after three and a half hours of walking over hills in the mud, I was at least going to enjoy my meal! halfway through dinner, a procession of magnificent classic Jaguar XKs began turning into the car park. You may remember from an older post that an XK140 roadster has a firm place in my fantasy garage. We soon found out the UK chapter of the XK Club were meeting there to celebrate the beginning of their Prescott Hill-climb Weekend. Naturally as soon as dinner was finished we went outside to take in the automotive scenery.

And if these weren't enough, we drove past (yes, I begged for a carriage home) another half-dozen outside a B&B. The Cotswolds were certainly the place for classic car fans on the weekend. I was thoroughly spoilt.


Wanna 'join the club'? You could buy into this world with this stunning XK140 (below) located in Gloucestershire in the UK. Check it out here. I'm starting to get the impression The Cotsworld is the XK capital of the World.

Or this one pictured below which evidently has been slightly pimped with metallic purple-grape coloured duco. It's located in Cheshire in the UK. Check it out here

Lastly, here's Ryan Phillippe's character driving an XK140 in the 1999 film 'Cruel Intentions'. I think it wasn't just me who fell for the 140's lines after seeing this.

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