Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jamie Wincup Master Driver

So for those of you outside of Australia, or have never visited, or have never seen an Australian movie, or have never spoken to an Australian- you might not realise that in Australia it's all about Ford versus Holden. Forget sport, or which city you're from. We make it simple in Oz...all you have to do is pick a side (from Birth) and stick with it. I love love love Holdens, especially the stunning looking Holden caprice, but I am a Ford man from a Ford family.

The major event or events to put this rivalry to the test is the V8 Supercar series where Ford and Holden (perhaps soon including Chrysler) battle it out for bragging rights. The biggest event is the Bathurst 1000 and is the mecca for all petrol-heads.

Here is one of the biggest names in Australian motor racing getting himself out of strife like the consummate professional he is. Think you could do this with cars flying past you?

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