Thursday, February 16, 2012

Too clever for their own good?

Flagship European vehicles are coming under fire in Australia at the moment because it seems a little pebble such as a flat battery can cause ripples such as traffic jams that go for 12km or young families trapped in their vehicles. It seems now that some makers rushed through impressive innovations that seemingly put the car into lock-down mode but these tools can be activated when the driver least expects it- or wants it!

Read this article from the Sydney Morning Herald about this week's major traffic incident which left one Audi limousine owner very red-faced. Audi was very quick to pass on this hot-potato too.

Also check out this potentially dangerous incident involving a Porsche Panamera and a family with a baby locked in the car.

Is it the manufacturer's fault, the driver's responsibility to know their cars better or do you think it should be down to roadside-assistance providers? Leave you comments below.

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