Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nose to Tail manufacturing.

I didn't realise that Australia is one of the few countries who manufacture cars from start to finish, as opposed to the practice of sourcing different parts or components or even assembly. Some in Australia want to see the industry protected, while others think it doesn't make economic sense to have high levels of protectionism on Australian car manufacturing, especially when cars now come so cheaply from Asia. Secondly, Australia already has an enormous luxury import tax on foreign luxury cars which is why flash cars in Oz are eye-wateringly expensive.

Check out this article about the state of play in Oz.

Pictured: The Holden Caprice, Australia's flagship and only locally built limousine. These are badged as Chevrolets in the Middle East and other markets.

Ford used to have the Fairlane and LTD but the introduction of the Chrysler 300 was the nail in Ford's flagship coffin. 

Pictured below: The late Ford LTD. 

Pictured below: The fully imported Chrysler 300

Enjoy this road test of the Holden Caprice, courtesy of "carshowroom".

And despite me being from a loyal 'Ford Family' whether it's watching the Bathurst 1000 or just the traffic, you have to admit this new concept from Holden Australia is AMAZING...

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